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View Diary: Israel's 4 yr. Blockade of Gaza unravels as Egypt opens border crossing (223 comments)

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  •  I believe you are wrong WinSmith (4+ / 0-)
    "Collective Punishment" is in the eye of the beholder.  What the Second Intifada did to the people of Israel was traumatic on a level that 9/11 doesn't even come close to comparing to.  

    The law is the law.  The people being collectively punished in Gaza did note directly launch the Second Intifada, and no international legal proceedings, with due process, have found as such.

    So, regardless, of your, or mine feelings about whatever trauma Israel feels about it, does not warrant violations of international law.

    As, a Democrat here, I pressume you joined us in denouncing President Bush going to war against Iraq, citing our injuries in 9/11 as the "Causes Bellus."  

    This was totally bogus, and I denouced it as well.  

    Supposed OBL had not only taken down the Twin Towers, but vaporized all of Manhatten.  Would you by the same logic support us vaporizing, not only Iraq, but perhap, Iran, Egypt, Palestine, and any other country that had not sufficiently denounced OBL in Bush's eyes?

    No, those would be war crimes.

    The fact, that Israelis have sufferred, and been unjustly killed is terrible, and sad.  But, it does not legitimize taking the illegal actions of collective punishment in Gaza.

    And, taking those actions, although, they seemed to have made you feel better, seem not to have advanced the cause of Israel's security, in any way.  In fact, I cited, the loss of Turkey as an allies, and the radicalization, increase in the perceived legitimacy of the extremists jihadist, in the eyes of many Arab youth, as counter-examples.

    It didnt' work, it wasn't legal, smart, or effective.  

    Finding it to be frustrating doesn't legitimize lashing out.

    Wiser strategy that accomplishes positive goals is a better approach.  With the whole world watching, and 190 countries having a vote in the UN General Assembly, it is worthwhile pretending, at least, that we support international law, as represented in the Geneva Conventions even if sadly, we all do not appreciate it, or support it.

    My understanding is that 112 countries have already announced intention of supporting the recognition of Palestine as a member state.

    And, further, while, I may be wrong, as there are contradicitory writings on this, with 150 countries, which they are expected to get, the General Assembly can override the US Secruity Council Veto, in an emergency session under Article 377.

    Let's be Machievellian about this, at least, of legal arguments, don't sway you.  

    The means is the ends in the process of becoming. - Mahatma Gandhi

    by HoundDog on Thu May 26, 2011 at 08:48:53 AM PDT

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