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View Diary: Missing the Boat on Gingrich’s Tiffany’s Issue (140 comments)

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    I found this statement priceless because Tiffany's offered this as proof didn't get special treatment, when in fact it proves the exact opposite. Newt whose networt is only between one million and two and half million is one of Tiffany's best customers? That is really not a very high networth. Remember that includes retirement accounts and home equity. My own net worth at that time before the market and housing crash was close to million, with nearly all of it in home equity and 401k, as was many probably about 20% of the population, so we are not talking about the kind of wealth that plops down $50,000 for a piece of jewelry every few months.

    Something really stinks here. It is really, really hard to spend that much money at Tiffany's. Looking at their on-line catalog, most of the collection is under $5,0000, with many pieces under $2000. It takes real effort to find the handful of ubber exspensive pieces. Either somebody in Newt's household has a sickness that requires that buy several of Tiffany's most exspensive offerings or they carted off 50-100 pieces of bling.

    I'm betting there was something really shady going on with maybe insurance fraud, or the pieces were resold (perhaps for a much higher price to benefactors) that some how allowed Newt to convert this jewlery into cold hard cash. Either that, or Newt had to buy off his wife's silence with a whole lot of bling.

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