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  •  You arent making a good case here. (3+ / 0-)
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    He is talking 15 students, not 25 - 30. He is talking real hard-to-get improvement, not neutrally stated equivalencies, as in 30 v 25 = no difference. (No difference needs to be defined. No difference as in both showed great achievement? Average? Poor? What was the population like re demographics, behaviors? What was their past achievement record?)

    He is talking most pointedly of those who are very disadvantaged. I worked (and lived) in those neighborhoods for years. I know exactly what he means.

    Young learners NEED attention. The people he is zeroing in on need a lot of extra help. That is what a live human being as teacher in the classroom, the manager and deliverer of their learning, is supposed to be able to give them.

    So you are "quite comfortable" with 30 - 32. Well, that speaks for you.

    But what of your students? Does it occur to you that maybe you could do that much better for them (assuming there is room for improvement in your teaching and their development) if you had fewer students? Maybe then you'd have the opportunity to see some things you could address that you dont even notice now, due to all the demands on your time and attention.

    Should a "progressive" Dem blog dwell in the safe zones of a lame party, or should it drive a lame party to break out? If it cant, should it break out?

    by NYCee on Mon May 30, 2011 at 11:15:57 AM PDT

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