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View Diary: Germans abandon Big 4 Energy Companies in droves - Govt. to Close Nuke Plants (95 comments)

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    And the Greens and environmental groups in Germany are for gas as a bridging fuel because it makes sense. Funnily enough, none of them seem to think that nuclear makes sense. I have tried to explain to you why.
    And as I said, not that you were listening, if you combine the path to a renewable future with energy efficiency, the overall need for gas will nevertheless decrease. Try to pay attention, will you?

    We are environmentalists who see nuclear as the only way to save the planet. Just like the folks at and do.

    Yea, I don't believe you, sorry. I mean I believe that the links are correct but I also believe that the rest is rubbish and I won't waste my time with this, there is enough to do as it is. And I do think this - and probably you - are sponsored by the industry. I am sorry to say that I concluded that from your statements, not from your profile.
    we don't need baseload"??!!! WTF are you talking about!? Do you  even know what baseload is? You need baseload to FEED the grid or you have no grid. The grid doesn't exist if there is no load. No solar, no nuclear, no wind. Baseload is the minimum 24/7 energy provided so that when I turn the light switch on or the they melt bauxite to make aluminum, it's there.

    Yes, I know about electricity... You obviously need
    electricity in the grid - you should know that I know that, by the way, did you read my postings at all? why are we talking about this? - but in order to keep the grid balanced you don't need it to be fed baseload or let me make it completely clear - you don't need plants which supply a baseload. You can use a combination of fluctuating sources. And now please don#t try to explain to me how the grid is balanced at different times, at peak times or how it has to be permanently monitored and balanced...Because I know that already. If you had read my postings you could have concluded that.

    Well, one last thing, just in case you are not what I think you are:
    Open your mind and get it around a new concept :-)
    Change is a-coming :-)
    The future is renewable and that is good on oh so many levels :-)

    The future is renewable.

    by KiB on Tue May 31, 2011 at 12:24:01 AM PDT

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