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View Diary: Researchers say Cell Phones Damage Brain, DNA and Sperm (49 comments)

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    Look, RF is non-ionizing radiation.  It CANNOT cause DNA changes.

    There is solid evidence (including that which is presented in this diary) that RF fields alter (increase!) glucose metabolism.

    Glucose metabolism increased reactive oxygen species (ROS) production in a cell - about 20 billion ROS are produced per cell per day under normal conditions - not really a problem because a cell can repair the DNA damage caused by this (several thousand instance of chemical damage to DNA occur each day in each cell because of ROS).

    Now, when RF radiation increases glucose metabolism,  ROS production is also increased -and therefore  increased DNA damage is inevitible.   It is also possible (not likely, but scientifically possible nonetheless) that the DNA repair capacity of a cell can be overwhelmed leading to mutations and eventual cancer.

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