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View Diary: Researchers say Cell Phones Damage Brain, DNA and Sperm (49 comments)

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  •  microwaves don't damage DNA (4+ / 0-)
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    Photons of higher energy (UV and up, bacially) are needed to ionize or otherwise alter DNA.  A good synopsis is here:

    Now sure, enough microwave radiation can excite  rotational modes in water molecules, which might heat us up, so don't go sticking your head in a microwave oven or in a klystron.

    But the GHz radiation from cell phones is even too weak to do that.  From the article I linked:

    Finally we come to the case of the photons of the cell phone, which have even lower energy. These cannot cause even molecular rotation, and their absorption results in physical motion, or translation of the individual molecules. Naturally, the amount of energy that can be transferred to any molecule is very small, and the increase in its velocity and hence heating is therefore extremely small. Once again, large biopolymers heat much more slowly. The easiest way to recognize this extremely poor interaction between very low-energy photons associated with the radio frequency (RF) in cell phones and molecules is to remember that the small amount of power being transmitted by the phone is traveling several kilometers to the tower. Also, the cell phone has to transmit this very little power in all directions. The small power in the direction of the tower passes through several walls and other obstructions, even people, without impeding the communication. This explains the usual statement that the power levels in these situations are well below the limits set for exposure to RF sources.

    In the end

    Unless one is willing to discard the concept of photons, Planck’s law, and the interaction between photons and atoms—and thus the entire body of quantum physics—it is simply not possible for the photons associated with either a power line or a cell phone to cause cancer.

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