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  •  You're just inevitably implying it (5+ / 0-)

    without admitting it.

    A society that condemns people to situations in which they cannot well support a child is a broken society in need of fixing.

    •  True, but an entirely different point (0+ / 0-)

      from that of the OP.

      The point wasn't that we should force people to not have children unless they're wealthy, nor that society shouldn't assist the poor.

      Suggesting that people consider whether or not they can raise a child in a way that the child doesn't suffer is in no wise eugenics.  No one is suggesting forcing anyone to do anything.  We're simply arguing that for the sake of the kids it might be a good thing to consider whether or not you can afford to have a child.

      Agreed that it would be wonderful if we had a compassionate electorate and that the congress actually cared about people so that we wouldn't even have to have this discussion.  But given the threat the meager safety net we currently have is under, this seems a relevant issue.

      •  Context is important (0+ / 0-)

        and in the context of American life, the suggestion was equivalent to disapproving of wide swathes of the population having children at any point in their lives, and that those swathes of disapproved parents are disproportionately ethnic minorities. That's why I find it deeply disturbing.

        Translated into a global context, it would also appear to heap disapproval on most of Africa ever reproducing. Again, deeply disturbing.

        Oh, and also, it appears to suggest that a life born into poverty is a life not worth living. I doubt I'd have to go far to find someone who'd refute that notion from their personal experience.

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