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    Every single medicaid recipient is black - and you don't want hard earned tax dollars made by white people going towards the undeserving blacks and their healthcare. (Sarcasm BTW - so I don't get a "hide")

    Ayn Rand said that if you take away their benefit, they'll wise up and all get jobs and earn the money they need to purchase health insurance.  (More sarcasm)

    Umm...  What jobs?  You mean the unregulated insurance market - that actually has licensing that prevents competition and actively participates in price fixing amongst many other unethical business practices?

    Sheer lunacy.  

    You want to get people to be more self sufficient?  Try a little upwards pressure.  Sweeten the carrot.  If individuals know there is money to be made - they'll be excited to get it.

    Everyday more and more become disenfranchised from the aggregate workforce - and that disenfranchisement is colorblind.

    The rediculous stupidity of the GOP has many conflicting policies.  They want to remove all workforce protections - mostly unions - so they can arbitrarily fire individuals as they get older and more expensive.  Yet they want to keep seniors in the workforce so they can snatch the higher health insurance premiums - the ones they cherry pick.  How does do anything but leave many people in poverty as they get older?

    They want to force accountability on wide segments of the population, but at the same time want the freedom to send jobs across borders and overseas.  They want people to work, but take jobs away from them.  

    They look down their noses at individuals who seek government subsidizded healthcare, but greedily snatch up TARP and stimulus money.  

    Asking the GOP to make fiscal policy is much like putting Jack Merridew in charge of the island.  All the organization and efficiency effort is put into gaining and maintaining power.  The actual governing process is haphazard at best and often succumbs to the loudest voice (and the deepest pockets).  No real systematic perspective is taken.  The GOP is a facilitator of favor and corruption.  Policy is based upon a series of highly suspect quid pro quos.  There's no topographical view beyond lowering taxes and removing the rules.  Public responsibility has disappeared from GOP ideals.  It now begins and ends with the accumulation of power and wealth for the very few.  They have turned their backs on America and tossed their social responsibility into the trash can.

    Even Ronald Reagan understood social responsibility to a degree.  The GOP circa 1980 wanted to slant power away from labor - which under Carter had become powerful.  Instead of seeking and stopping at a balance, the GOP went for total victory and they are on the cusp of achieving it.  Today's incarnation of conservatism is anti-social responsibility.  It's complete social darwinism.  The catch 22 is the power of this country rests, in large part, within the ability of its populace to be consumers.  The GOP is messing with that formula and is seeking to permanently change the dynamic - especially with medicare privatization.  The lunacy is that the GOP believes the demand well is endless.  It isn't.  I am a perfect example of this.  5 years ago, I stopped using credit cards - period.  I have a car loan and a mortgage, but if it isn't long term debt that I use to acquire a substantial asset - then I'm not participating.  I use what I have on hand in cash - or what's in my bank via debit card - to purchase consumables.  There are many people out there like me, more and more everyday.  I realized that the credit card business model was out to exploit me years ago.

    On top of it all.  There's no such thing as job security in a Gordon Gecko culture of business.  What debt I incurr has to be very closely managed, because at any moment I could be forced onto the unemployment line.  There are no handshake deals anymore.  The invisible hand has a knife in it and its aimed at my back and I am not alone.  So the GOP is deluding themselves when they believe that we the small people will always have money to buy the crap they sell us using the credit cards they hand out.  Consumer confidence continues to wain.

    GOP policies threaten to crash the American economic system.  Today some very bad private sector numbers were released.  Why?  The GOP controlled congress and Governors mansions have halted spending and have rerouted money away from the middle class and back towards the wealthy once again.  This is dangerous policy.  The GOP is pushing the economy of this country to the brink of disaster.

    Are there no prisons? No workhouses?

    by meatballs on Wed Jun 01, 2011 at 07:14:20 AM PDT

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