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  •  typo, medicaid (0+ / 0-)

    not medicare provides the nursing care, other medical costs covered by medicare such as the doctors and hospitals.

    •  Again (0+ / 0-)

      I have stated that there are valid reasons why this can happen but.

      How did we as people survive before Medicare and nursing homes?

      To answer my own question
      A)  People did not live as far past their prime as they do now. (So it was not as much of an issue)

      B) The families sucked it up and delt with it. The term "I cant deal with it" nowadays means "It would really annoy me to deal with it."

      Lets look at it another way would 80k a head make it doable for an average family to take care of the elderly in their own home?

      You citied 1k a month at costs for somone to help out..... thats 12k a year ....... at least 60k a year cheaper for in home care whenever possible.

      The care of the elderly is a tragedy of the commons. Because its cheaper to take advantage of medicaid  than to do it yourself everyone takes advantage of it and thus everyone pays more in the end.

      Yes there is the occasional person who needs 24 hour a day care but thats usually 1 step before a hospice. The costs are much more reasonable when people bite the bullet and give care at home. down from 80k ish to the 10k range.

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