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View Diary: Rep. Chris Murphy: Thomas should be investigated for ethics scandals (36 comments)

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    "I feel we the people should have every confidence that matters brought before the highest court in the land receive an impartial hearing untainted by even the shadow of a potential conflict of interest.  Knowing beforehand possible impediments to this sense of impartiality is essential to establishing and maintaining confidence in the Supreme Court as the arbiter of constitutional justice for the citizens of this country.  The justices of the Supreme Court should be held to no less of a standard than that to which we hold judges in the lesser courts, particularly since their decisions have such serious and far-reaching consequences."

    Obviously IANAL but, though this country has survived more than 220 years its justice system has not seen such a sustained assault on reason like some of the decisions recently promulgated by the Roberts court.  Hopefully it's not too late to establish a reasonable ethical standard and restore a sense of integrity and confidence in their proceedings.

    "The rich, Auctus, see their irritability as just another industry: hating is more cost-effective than giving." ~ Martial, Epigrams XII.13

    by Another Mr Brown on Sat Jun 25, 2011 at 05:12:31 PM PDT

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