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  •  It wasn't ever a picnic, (2+ / 0-)
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    pyegar, neroden

    and it was not just catholics.  The history of Christianity is far from being a pretty history.  And oh, the American indians might beg to differ with you about the tolerance of settler Christians.

    •  Yes, and I can condemn all Moslems because of (0+ / 0-)

      the Taliban, or Al Qaeda, or because they swept North Africa in the seventh century with the message to convert or die, wherein they slew hundreds of thousands.

      Even the Communist party had its true believers alongside its godless murderers and authoritarians.

      And I am well aware of the ravages of Native Americans visited in the name of God. But I also know intimately of the efforts on behalf of Native Americans by groups here and there.

      It seems to me you are confusing the natural human propensity for murder and mayhem with a particular group, namely the "Christians." That may be convenient, but in fact it doesn't matter what label people claim when they devastate their fellow humans. They are then just murderers.

      It is also true that not all those who assume a label (such as "Christian" or "Muslim") do not really reflect the core principals of the group they try to claim.

      The history of humanity is far from being a pretty history. But one does not abandon humanity without recognizing the countervailing efforts for the betterment of the world. Neither should one do so with any particular religious group.

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