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    That's exactly right.  And yes, the interesting issue is whether Boehner truly believes his own spin.

    He pushed the Ryan plan and whipped it because he had lost some cred with the teabaggers on the spending bill deal.  He actually needed Democrats to pass the short-term and long-term spending bills, he couldn't get 218 GOPers to go along.  So the Ryan plan was his way to get back in the crazed-wing's good graces.

    But he obviously also didn't think it would be politically fatal.  He rationalized it, even in spite of a lot of good advice from GOP strategists that this was a bad idea.

    So it's a truly intriguing question:  does Boehner believe his own hype?  I'm not sure he doesn't.  At least, he believed it at one time.  Does he still believe it post-NY-26?  Hard to say.  Boehner is a wingnut but a realist, he's not unable to read the writing on the wall, he's a guy who is able to recognize some things he likes are toxic.  But it's unclear to me in this case whether that's true.

    Also, if it takes until after primary season for Republicans to distance themselves from Ryan, then their goose is cooked.  That's too long.  They need to shelve it this year and hope it leaves the news for good.  Democrats will keep pressing them non-stop, and rightly so.  They need to distance themselves well before a year from now, or else it really will be irreversibly defining.

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    by DCCyclone on Thu Jun 02, 2011 at 08:07:50 PM PDT

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