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View Diary: Caught on tape: Wisconsin GOP looking to run fake Democratic candidates in recall elections (56 comments)

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  •  so, Republicans are considering deliberately (4+ / 0-)

    undermining the democratic process? How are they allowed to get away with things like this? Why is not the Democratic Party screaming at the top of their lungs about this and reminding voters that Republicans consistently seek to undermine democracy, with filth politics, dirty tricks, attempts to disenfranchise minorities, youth and the poor?

    The Democratic Party really should get its act together an begin an ongoing "Subversion of Democracy by the GOP" watch...keepings on all of the already numerous, and increasing ways, that Republicans are constantly flipping the bird at the American public when it comes to holding free and FAIR elections.

    •  Walker already said (5+ / 0-)

      the only reason they didn't plant people in the protests was in case the planned unrest came as looking like he didn't have control of his state.

      the chief of police here in madison made a big stink about that and repeatedly demanded an explanation from the governor for considering something that could endanger the safety of madison citizens or his officers.

      so, seriously? this isn't even very surprising. R's are counting on the dumbshit WI voters who always, without thinking, vote R no matter what. also low voter. YES they think they can subert the democratic process.  they think they'll get away with it, so who cares?

      •  if the Democratic Party (0+ / 0-)

        engaged in the same types of efforts at subverting democratic elections that the Republicans did, the mainstream media would be hounding them until there's no tomorrow. And yet, despite their blatant attempts to intimidate, disenfranchise voters, bring back a 21st Century form of Jim Crow...they are, basically, allowed to do whatever they feel like and get away with it.

        It's bad enough that they engaged in these types of practices, but even worse is that there is never any kind of repercussions against Republicans for this crap. Their style of politics and governances is a combination of old Soviet Union tactics and Orwellian principles. And yet, not a peep from the so-called "news media" in this country (do we actually have one any more?)

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