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View Diary: House Dems provide district breakdown of Medicare, Medicaid cuts under GOP plan (55 comments)

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  •  Ryan's wife is a tax attorney (6+ / 0-) he studies the deficit at home, and perhaps makes up for his own deficits at home by trying to destroy the middle class at work. He better be careful, though, because if he simplifies the tax code too much, his old lady might be out on the street on unemployment benefits.

    We might get lucky and he'll get a divorce, marry a hospice nurse this time, and he'll ask the GOP to pass a law so we can get Medcare to finally pay for nursing home care, instead of having to go on welfare first.

    The guy forgot his childhood, his sick grandmother, his mother and his older siblings. Perhaps, there was a head wound that has been kept secret, a lasting concussion, a tumor, a lesion on the brain - some explanation of why a normal boy could turn into a monster bent on destroying the lives of millions.

    •  Why is Ryan a "monster?" (1+ / 0-)
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      For money and power of course.  I'm sure he's raking it in from his rich and lobbyist friends.  There's no other excuse for his behavior.

      And these are the people who call themselves "exceptional."   I guess that in some circles being a monster is  exceptional.

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