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    figleef, mapamp

    How similar Ullambana
    is to our own Samhain, a three-day fest at the end of October (technically, ending Fall and beginning Winter). Particularly the tending to gravesites. It got Catholicized as All Saints Day.

    Whether speaking or writing, strive to be like a woman's skirt - long enough to be respectable, short enough to be interesting.

    by Jaxpagan on Fri Jul 15, 2011 at 07:19:01 AM PDT

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      There are many similarities, the biggest difference is the season, the height of summer versus the height of autumn, but even the idea that we are closer to the dead in a literal sense during the holiday is a parallel.

      Anthropologists keep coming up with more and more interconnections between ancient cultures, perhaps both remembrances descend from a common cultural source.

      Zoroastrianism offers an interesting window into the paleo-Aryan culture that directly spawned Vedic Hinduism, and indirectly influenced so many other faiths and cultures.  I notice that Zoroastrians mourn their dead for three days before sending them off.  Perhaps there might be some connection between the various ceremonies back there that oral histories have long forgotten.

      Or perhaps three is just a particularly poignant number, a three day practice tells our bodies that this is far more important than just a single ritual, while a three day limit makes sure it doesn't eat up the rest of our lives...

      Gassho _/\_ — Thank you for reading...

      by figleef on Fri Jul 15, 2011 at 08:23:49 AM PDT

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