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View Diary: Letters Reveal Names of Wisconsin 'Fake' Dems (90 comments)

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  •  Not illegal and not at all new. (11+ / 0-)

    You should see what they can do with this sort of tactic in an open primary state.  In that scenario they get a candidate on the ballot; get their voters to vote for that candidate on the opposing ticket in the primary and then switch to their candidate in the general - OR they will stick with a candidate who is a Democrat in Name Only depending on the makeup of the district.  That's why so many Democrats in the South are even more conservative than they really should be in certain districts.

    Pretty standard fare.

    •  That's What I Was Thinking About, Open Primaries. (2+ / 0-)
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      Judge Moonbox, Puddytat

      I know those are open to all eligible voters but I thought some state parties set standards for their slated candidates even in primaries.

      In the ringer cases others mention, I wonder if the ringer was a member of the other party publicly recruited by that party to thwart the majority of the voting public.

      Didn't Patrick Fitzgerald prosecute Blago for cheating the public out of good goverance or some such?

      •  It depends on the state. (10+ / 0-)

        There's really nothing stopping anyone running under any party except the issue of funding.  In these cases, the people are given just enough money to get on the ballot and then given funds to do whatever they need to do to distract sufficiently from the real candidate.  My family's home district in AL is a Democratic district and is represented by a fanatical right winger.  In 2008 a Democrat got on the ticket to run against him and then he was MIA for the entire campaign.  Basically just went missing and stopped campaigning.  That guy in South Carolina who ran as a democrat for Governor - remember him?  The guy no one knew or had heard of?  Same kind of deal.  Even Ralph Nader was exposed for taking GOP money to run in certain states a few years ago. None of this is unusual.  The reality is that it points to the importance of a strong local party structure which is what Howard Dean was trying to build around the country.  Without that infrastructure to inform voters these also-rans are much more effective.

        •  Alvin Greene? (6+ / 0-)

          Only he ran for Senator. I said that he was a "Sanjaya Malakar" candidate.

          Greg McKendry, Linda Kraeger, Dr. George Tiller, Steven Johns. Victims of Wingnut violence

          by Judge Moonbox on Mon Jun 06, 2011 at 07:53:13 AM PDT

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          •  I guess - I misremembered it as (2+ / 0-)
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            Judge Moonbox, ruleoflaw

            Governor.  Whatever he was running for, he was enlisted to be a distraction and when a lot of elections are decided based on just a few percentage points, these kinds of candidates can do a lot of damage.  A very small percentage of Nader's nearly 100,000 Florida votes in 2000 probably would have changed the fate of this country entirely.

        •  This is WA, an open primary state (3+ / 0-)
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          inclusiveheart, zett, 4Freedom

          where there is no official party-selected candidate, by law. You can't even call yourself a Democrat or Republican on the ballot here. It's all "prefers X party" for every candidate. So you get "prefers Democratic party" or could get "prefers Democrat party" if that's what the candidate puts on the form, or "prefers Republican party" or "prefers GOP party" or "prefers Tea party" - the first two of which I've seen on primary ballots, along with the "prefers Democratic party". And then there are the fringe candidates, some of whom you can distinguish because the party names they prefer are from way out in left field.

          Any candidate can state that he or she prefers any party. A dyed-in-the-wool Republican or Tea Partier could certainly list himself on the ballot as "prefers Democratic party" and pick up some Democratic votes. Also, this is a top-two state; the top two votegetters in the primary go on to the general election, no matter what party they say they prefer. Two Republicans could finish in the top and get into the general, leaving those of us on the left with no real choice at all. Two Democrats could finish at the top, too, and get on the ballot for the general, leaving the righties with no real choice.

          Most people in this state who work for or belong to one party or another hate this primary.

          Oh, btw, next year we aren't having a Presidential primary at all, to save money. We are a caucus state, too, and it was only the caucuses that counted. People are really going to hate this. I expect a bunch of legislators will be thrown out next year because of it.

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