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View Diary: Scott Walker Removes Painting of Milwaukee Children from Governor's Mansion (205 comments)

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  •  xxdr zombiexx's original comment wasn't directed (0+ / 0-)

    at the diarist. It was directed to Brainwrap, who wrote:

    This is petty and stupid, but it's a pretty minor issue compared to his other sins.

    It's not even as bad IMHO as, say, Paul LaPage having that labor mural removed from the Dept. of Labor building.

    I.e., if it was dismissive of anything, it was dismissive of a comment that was itself dismissive of the diarist's POV.

    "These are not candidates. These are the empty stand-ins for lobbyists' policies to be legislated later." - Chimpy, 9/24/10

    by NWTerriD on Mon Jun 06, 2011 at 04:19:59 PM PDT

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