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View Diary: Paul Revere, Lexington and Concord and what really happened in April 1775 (80 comments)

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    His incredible work ethic and long, long hours endeared him to the leaders of the Whig or Patriot movement in Boston and his ability to get things done made him a famous messenger for the Sons of Liberty.  Paul Revere did not make one ride into the countryside; he made numerous rides during his long service to the Sons, some to places as far away as New York and Philadelphia. . . . Paul Revere was called on several times to ferret (sic)messages to various Committees of Correspondence and Committees of Safety in Massachusetts and the surrounding colonies.
    It appears that some on this site are history-deniers, too.

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    by Orange County Liberal on Mon Jun 06, 2011 at 05:34:39 PM PDT

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