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View Diary: Paul Revere, Lexington and Concord and what really happened in April 1775 (80 comments)

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  •  What is ordinary? (2+ / 0-)
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    OK, my sources may not be as good as yours--my son did a report on Paul Revere for school, and I read some of the books he checked out.  They said that Paul Revere was gifted in both technology and communication.  Among other ways in which he used these gifts, he traveled to Philadelphia, I think it was, to visit a powder mill and learn the technology, to bring it back and establish a powder mill in Boston--addressing the problem that colonists in Massachusetts were dependent on the uncertainty of faraway sources.

    Amazing man.

    •  Revere made himself into an American Elite (4+ / 0-)

      Like Jefferson, Washington, and on and on.  

      My ancestors were among these first Americans. I wish were the tiniest bit like them.

      But, to be fair,  Sarah and the Tea Party  would have been wimpering behind the nearest redcoats, and blaming Mr. Revere for pissing off the rightful master, King George.

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