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    If they are doing it legally then there is no problem.

    HOWEVER, down here in FL getting caught with a little bit of smoke can cost you your driver's license for 2 years.

    That's worse than a friggin DUI.  Along with suspension comes fines and fees and skyrocketing insurance rates.  Everyone gets to dip into your pocket - that is after you go to jail, serve some probation, get labelled a drug offender and pee into Rick Scott's cup over at Solantic for several months.

    In Colorado is an enterprising business opportunity.

    That's fucking BULLSHIT.  

    Over here in SWFL, there are grow houses all over places like Lehigh Acres - which are indeed run by some very unsavory types usually toting uzis or some dumb shit like that.  They ride up on meeting spots out in the middle of nowhere on 4 wheelers strapped to the hilt.  When you deal with characters like this, its not a question of if, but a matter of when they rob you at gunpoint for $5-$10-$15 grand.  

    In Colorado, growers are enterprising, middle aged, artsy-fartsy types who have chapter S corps and sip chardonnay.  

    In Florida, pot dealers are hustling wannabe gangsters - some of them real - who commit a felony everytime they sell you some trees.

    In Colorado, you are sold medical marijuana under the supervision of a health care professional and a very knowledgeable pharmacist who pleasantly assists your purchase.

    Fucked up isn't it?

    Who benefits from the marijuana being illegal?  Certainly not society at large.  Communities are put in grave danger by black market opportunists.  You've already covered the brewing pharma coup.  Otherwise, the people who benefit are the ones who get to siphon your pockets dry when you get caught with some (Insurance companies and other trickle up economics beneficiaries).  It's a fucking racket.

    Especially now that Florida has just signed into law the largest (by far) privatization of a state prison system, it's going to get worse.  Sending people to jail will become a for profit business.

    This is some really scary shit my friend.

    Blanket legalization and regulation would make communities incredibly safer.  It's the moral thing to do.

    Are there no prisons? No workhouses?

    by meatballs on Mon Jun 06, 2011 at 06:48:36 PM PDT

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