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View Diary: NO, Anthony Weiner, I DO NOT forgive you! (114 comments)

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    TomP, hey mister
    I understand that you were made to look a fool by believing Congressman Weiner's denials, but shouldn't your anger be directed as much at yourself as it is the Congressman?

    I am not the type of person that suffers when I am proved wrong.  I believe in seeking the truth and find satisfaction in finding it out and certainly don't mind correction when I am wrong.  This is not my main concern.  Losing political and media credibility is my main concern.

    He has lost his influence and cred that was beginning to make a great impact on the political dialogue about progressive issues... and that was further damaged by his lying. And
    that is what infuriates me

    I am not an idealist disallusioned (as some folks in this diary have suggested,) as much as a political pragmatist furious that the progressive cause has been set back and damaged at a time we can ill afford by utterly stupid, careless, reckless, indulgent behavior!

    If one of us is denied civil rights, all of us are denied civil rights.

    by SeaTurtle on Tue Jun 07, 2011 at 09:36:24 AM PDT

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