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  •  Not one massage therapist. (0+ / 0-)

    Three. One in Portland, one in Tokyo, one in Beverly Hills.

    All allegations. But I don't like it when people automatically assume that the female worker is the one lying when she accuses a powerful man of taking liberties with her-- or worse.

    That's exactly what has been happening with the DSK case in New York. Legally, he's innocent until proven guilty. But that doesn't mean anyone should call the accuser a liar either.

    I've existed in the legal world long enough to know that what you can prove and what actually happened are often two different things. I also know that two people often experience the same situation differently, and what the more powerful person did not feel was threatening was very frightening to the less powerful person (and would be seen that way by a reasonable independent observer).  Finally, I know that it's often easier to leave a bad experience in the past than pursue it legally.

    But three women with similar stories in three different Pacific Rim  cities (far away from Gore's home or DC. Often people feel more inclined to take risks the farther away from home they are.)  Life is always gray. But I see a pattern here.

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    by grover on Tue Jun 07, 2011 at 03:23:49 PM PDT

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