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  •  Well put. I've been thinking about society as (2+ / 0-)
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    irishwitch, Calamity Jean

    something that we all either collectively participate in, to everyone's benefit, lately. To me, this means paying one's taxes, being there for one's family, friends, community, and, yes, society.

    A just society, I feel, should be there to applaud successes and to help make sure no member of that society falls through the cracks and into homelessness, starvation, or destitution. I find those conditions to be beneath human dignity and, indeed, the dignity of any society worth preserving.

    Yet there are those who are currently members of our society, yet subscribe to the callous, psychotic attitudes reflected in Tim Pawlenty's following quote: "Children who are victims of failed personal responsibility are not my problem, nor are they the problem for our government."  -- Majority Leader Tim Pawlenty, April 2001 - as quoted in the Aitkin Independent Newspaper.

    I am happy to advise that anyone who is willing to take their own unwillingness to participate in such a just society, to the point of blaming children for being born, should promptly pack their bags and begin seeking out a new society that is sufficiently inhumane to its members, and prepare to relocate there with all haste. (But I don't think they can expect any help from the governing body of their chosen new society for relocation expenses.)

    And no, I am not kidding.

    So he says to me, do you wanna be a BAD boy? And I say YEAH baby YEAH! Surf's up space ponies! I'm makin' gravy WITHOUT THE LUMPS! HAAA-ha-ha-ha!!!

    by Cenobyte on Sun Jun 19, 2011 at 11:50:30 AM PDT

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