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    Summers supported some of the changes but so did many of the serious people.  To argue Summers, Clinton, Geithner or Rubin had anything to do with the actual passage of the bill is absolutely wrong.

    the republicans had enough support to pass this legislation on their own.  the first vote was mainly along partisan lines.  since the republicans were going to get the bill passed, Clinton threatened to veto if changes weren't made.  dems only got onboard because the bill was going to pass anyways.  the republicans were easily picking off enough dems to get the magic 60. a compromise was made, the bill was passed with some changes.  the general consensus among the serious people was that this could open up more business and they were winning the argument.  a few good dems spoke out about it but as usual they weren't the majority.

    you're missing a few details there.

    knock that shit off.  don't understand... freaking ridiculous people don't remember what happened.  i remember.

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