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  •  Can someone explain this to me? (3+ / 0-)
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    HamdenRice, foufou, Tchrldy

    Why is this diarist being taken to task for being uncivil and ascribing bad faith motives to That Other Diarist, when That Other Diarist, is able to say this crap about me and my diary, when all I did was write a breaking news diary with the available information at the time:

    Based upon my limited knowledge of Goolsbee, I believe–contrary to some in this community that opt to provide a downright shallow, two-dimensional report of this matter based solely upon a White House press release, which we're told is the beginning and end of this story–this event is, indeed, as the folks at HuffPo used the words in their title of tonight’s analysis, a harbinger of increasing Democratic "frustration" caused by Washington’s (and, yes, the administration’s) "dysfunctional" approach, in general, to managing our economy.

    I "opted" to use not the White House, but Reuters and Politico because that's who was available at the time.

    That Other Diarist, armed with his "limited knowledge of Goolsbee" and Huff Post article, makes him an expert with deep insight as to Why Goolsbee Really Left.

    BE WARNED: Do NOT EVER post a breaking news diary about someone leaving the administration before bobswern has had a chance to copy and paste from Huffington Post (or any other news source he can find to shore up his purview.)

    More than one website reported that Goolsbee is leaving so that he doesn't lose his tenure. That never gets mentioned in bobswern's comprehensive, unimpeachable, definitive piece because he doesn't believe it and therefore it's "shallow and two-dimensional" to mention it.

    But HuffPost, happens to mirror his biases and his belief that the White House is in disarray and dysfunctional on the economic front, so that's a three-dimensional piece.

    Give me a break.

    •  Cuz people who trash Democrats are allowed (3+ / 0-)
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      foufou, FiredUpInCA, Tchrldy

      If you support Democrats, the administration and the theories behind liberal economic policy, then you are an "Obamabot," "cheerleader" or "enabler" and you are rightly ridiculed.

      "True progressives," however, are pure of heart and it's wrong to say critical things about them.

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