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View Diary: Olbermann brings Shuster and Markos to CurrentTV (213 comments)

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  •  Why does your link to a piece from The Hollywood (4+ / 0-)

    Reporter go t a youtube video? That's not very friendly for those of us reading on mobile devices. Plus you could ave just linked the actual story?

    •  Thank you for the link. (2+ / 0-)
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      Granny Doc, CS in AZ

      I was able to read the whole article.

      To every millionaire who decries they don't want their grandchildren paying for the deficit, I say: PAY MORE TAXES NOW and your grandkids won't have a deficit burden.

      by gooderservice on Tue Jun 07, 2011 at 05:37:15 PM PDT

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    •  Sorry (2+ / 0-)
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      gooderservice, CS in AZ

      that was an accident from my last diary where I was giving someone a link to Thom Hartmann videos.It's fixed and  Here.

      •  Thanks Vyan (3+ / 0-)
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        TrueBlueMajority, Creosote, sherlyle

        I assumed it was just an error, thanks for fixing, but just FYI when I clicked the one in the diary it still did not work... not the video page anymore, but a not found message. This one works, though, so it might have just been a glitch. Thanks!

        Oh, I'm reading the article now and came across this part:

        He also reveals in our conversations that he has recruited as his primary substitute anchor David Shuster -- who last year was suspended from MSNBC when it came out that he had taped a pilot at rival CNN.

        I was wondering where David Shuster was going to be on this network... Keith's primary substitute. That's cool, he was always good when he sat in on the old show. Darn I am really getting sad that I don't have cable now. First time I've actually missed it since we pulled the plug.

      •  Can you post that (1+ / 0-)
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        Hartmann video link.  I tried Search a few times and couldn't find the comment with the link you mentioned.  Tom Hartmann is fantastic.

        There already is class warfare in America. Unfortunately, the rich are winning.

        by Puddytat on Wed Jun 08, 2011 at 12:54:26 AM PDT

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        •  boy oh boy, (1+ / 0-)
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          we really agree on Hartmann, Puddytat!  I consider him the female version of Rachel, although with a different style, of course.  The man is brilliant, and loaded for bear with the facts.  Have learned so much from him.

          Up here I can get him on Progressive AM radio 950 every afternoon from 2 to 5.  I often drive home from downtown a long our beautiful river road and listen---sometimes I go past my exit home on purpose to hear more.

          Does your city have any progressive radio?  Probably not, it's so rare.  But I know Hartmann streams a lot of his programs, check out his site.  Wish Olbermann would scoop him up too!

          •  No progressive radio here (0+ / 0-)

            I stream his show live on the puter.  Streaming is the only way I get progressive radio in one of the largest cities in America (Milwaukee).  

            Unfortunately, I can hear Rust Lintball and the other lineup of goons on at least 4 stations here.

            I was interested in the link for the video mentioned in the comment I was replying to.

            There already is class warfare in America. Unfortunately, the rich are winning.

            by Puddytat on Wed Jun 08, 2011 at 10:19:39 PM PDT

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    •  Thank you for the link to the story! (3+ / 0-)
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      gooderservice, KenBee, Creosote

      I hope Vyan will update the diary with the correct link.

      And maybe put a warning in the headline about the autoplay video? ... I would have turned my speakers off before opening the diary.

      Glad to find the story though. Interesting background.

      Unfortunately, we don't have cable TV anymore, so I won't be able to watch the new show except whatever bits they decide to make available online.

      I hope they find a way to offer full access for those of us who don't have TV. I would be happy to pay a reasonable monthly fee to directly subscribe to Current TV for full online access to their content.

      But I won't be paying for a cable or satellite tv again; too much crap, not enough worthwhile shows, and too expensive for our budget now.

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