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View Diary: Fitzwalkerstan - I am very angry today (Or, they are trying to take my beer!) (106 comments)

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  •  If you think beer is bad..... (2+ / 0-)
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    kat herder, Odysseus

    I had a moment when I thought about being a vintner.

    One look at all of the regulations, prohibitions, protectionism, regional bans, regional monopolies etc., etc will make your head spin. I don't even drink, I just like grapes. I have some friends that did a wine tour in Napa, They bought about 6 cases but had to have it shipped to a friend in VA and then pick it up because Maryland prohibits the "re-importation" of wine that they don't step on.

    Beer and wine are really how the whole country is run in a small illustrated pamphlet. The country's messed up. Somehow I don't think these are the regulations ole tPaw is wanting to do away with. But boy would it make us a better place if we had some more laws that agreed with each other over these 50 disparate states.......and DC.

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