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  •  No wonder Detroit closed the (3+ / 0-)
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    sethtriggs, Egalitare, fumie

    Catherine Ferguson Academy -- it actually worked and -- gee -- treated their students humanely.

    just to remind

    •  Catherine Ferguson Academy (1+ / 0-)
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      With onsite daycare and the expectation that the young women will become highly functioning members of society, over 90% of CFA students do graduate. Named for a former slave who advanced education among her peers, the subject of numerous articles, winner of awards, and held up as a model nationally, Rachel Maddow said recently that Catherine Ferguson Academy "is one of the only places like it in the country. Your life isn't over because you are pregnant. There is still school for you....One of the requirements for graduation at Catherine Ferguson is you must get accepted to a college. Principal Andrews and her staff will hunt down a college for you to go to, and money for you to go there if you graduate."

      A school like Catherine Ferguson Academy has the potential to improve the lives of at least 2 generations of Michigan residents. But Detroit Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb has recently announced that CFA is one of the schools he plans to close in his effort to reduce budget deficits and increase class sizes to 60 students.

      Is that "60" a typo?

      •  thank you for (0+ / 0-)

        the description of the Catherine Ferugson Academy -- I found it heartbreaking and inexplicable that it was closed.  After all, how many schools, private or public, can boast a track record like that?

        And, as I mentioned elsewhere -- there's budget and there's cost effectiveness.If you want to look at cold hard financials -- seems like the graduates of the CFA more than justify the investment made in them -- they go to college and become productive citizens and foster (as you so wisely noted) generations of achievement.

        So much for public schools not being able to get results.....

        (60 students?)

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