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View Diary: Surprise! Virtually all of Michelle Rhee's BFF's are Republicans (61 comments)

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  •  Who is saying get rid of public schools? (0+ / 0-)

    if public schools work, more power to that neighborhood. But the extreme fear of any alternative when YOU HAVE NO ABILITY TO HELP A POOR KID RIGHT NOW TO FIND A BETTER SCHOOL means you are the one limiting opoportunities with your outlook on education. How is your approach going to help that kid right now? At least my approach will help that family find some school and we give them the money. How to keep such private non profit or charter school or whatever alternative in check so that they honor diversity and income levels is something for another discussion. But you can';t just shut off opportunities for the poor while the progressive community cannot get its act together in fixing schools in poor neighborhoods even in states and communities they control.

    you can call me praveen.

    by pravin on Fri Jun 10, 2011 at 05:27:47 PM PDT

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