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View Diary: UPDATE Wisconsin GAB Certifies Recall Petitions Against Democratic State Senators (167 comments)

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      Empty Vessel, nargel, AnnieJo

      Helena Handbag is one of the coolest usernames I have seen in all the vast intertubes.  

      Her comment is also quite accurate regarding direct mail and radio in Oshkosh and Fond du Lac.  Those are the two largest cities in the 18th State Senate District, presently represented neglected by Randy "Bed" Hopper.
      Jessica King is his genuine Democratic opponent.

      TV ads in this district are a problem.
      I live in the southwest corner of the district.  With a boosted antenna on my roof, I can bring in three separate TV markets, Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay.  (Yes, I still use an antenna, I'm Amish.)  Most cable or dish providers offer only a few local channels and usually require that they all be from the same market.  

      Oshkosh is by far the biggest city and is on the north end of the district.  The Madison stations don't reach here and the Milwaukee stations are iffy, so if you've got TV money, spend it in the relatively cheap Green Bay market.

      Fond du Lac is in the middle of the district and doesn't bring in the Madison stations very well.  Local TV subscriptions split between Green Bay and Milwaukee.  

      South of Fond du Lac is mostly rural and also split between Milwaukee and Madison.  If you spend money in the Milwaukee market, you spend a lot more money to reach fewer people.

      If you can play the cowbell, thank a sheet metal worker.

      by ruleoflaw on Wed Jun 08, 2011 at 02:03:55 PM PDT

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