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View Diary: BREAKING: Senate Vote Just Now Shows Who Stands With the Banks Against The People (300 comments)

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    Seems like when Congress is in session there is practically a daily disppointment to read about and be felt. I'm not at all surprised. The majority of the Capital Hill Gang does not have the interests of the American middle class (and it's even worse for the poor) anywhere remotely on their greedy, power-clutching, self-interested minds.

    Sadly the few who do speak out have been slammed, thrown under the bus (Rangel) or hung out to dry (Grayson, Feingold...) largely by their own party!

    I have thought the following things for a while but I'm going to float my opinions here - and no, I don't know how/when/if these things could be accomplished - these are just my druthers:
    1) Viable multiple polictical party system, clearly the two main parties are fairly broken and polarization of the voting populace is too easily done; please note I said viable,
    2) Campaign finance reform, yep Citizens United will be nearly impossible to overturn & it's ludicrous to have legally dubbed corporations living corporeal entities. Also, constantly drumming up $$$ to stay in office has been/is detrimental to this country b/c the focus is NOT about issues, it's about getting re-elected,
    3) Career term limits, just like the President. And no cushy pensions either. Once you're out, you're out! Talk about sucking on the teets of America,...

    Anyway the majority of the political class sucks, and is all too willing to sell us off a little piece at a time, just like today...again [chip, chip, chip].

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