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View Diary: Rick Santorum: Climate change a liberal scheme (128 comments)

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    our worse drought in recorded history, the heat wave in the east (again), the rash of tornadoes, the constant dwindling of Arctic sea ice, the melting of most glaciers world wide, the rise of sea level.  Yep, it's all a liberal plot.  Now when Republicans ever talk sense I'll think about compromise with them, but if they talk like idiots or madmen and women, you just can't discuss anything at all.  I once had a discussion with a Turk about Greeks (I'm sure I would have gotten the same if I had talked to a Greek about Turks- only reversed).  You might as well talk with a stone wall.  It is the same thing with global climate change denialists! You just can't talk with them.  

    God help us if any of these idiots win!  If that happens I'm moving top Costa Rica!

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