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  •  Of course I meant "drug" company (none)
    but my fingers went off in a different direction from my eyes.
    •  I disagree. (none)
      If you get sick and can't keep up your credit card payments, Biden's bosses will take your family home.

      If your wife gets sick and you have to take out a mortgage to add to your existing debt, Biden's bosses will take your home.

      If you're a veteran and can't find a job when you get back from serving, Biden's bosses will take your family home.

      If your credit card company bumps your interest rate up to 30%, Biden's bosses will take your home.

      He's no friend of mine. And he's no friend of yours. He just sold your family out in the most vile, despicable way. AND he voted for Gonzales. AND he voted for Rice.

      So no. Hey ho. MBNA Biden has got to.

      •  We can't purge everyone (none)
        In recent weeks, I've read posts calling for us to run primary challenges against Ben Nelson, Ken Salazar, Kent Conrad, Bill Nelson, even Barack Obama, and, of course, Joe Lieberman. This seems foolish to me since we'd be doing the Republicans work by knocking off our own. It's not like we're in the majority and can afford to lose a few of our heretics.

        If Biden should go because of this bill, then what about the other 12 Democrats? What about Robert Byrd? Should we purge him too? You see, if we go down this purge road, yes we may find that we have a splendid, ideologically cohesive, progressive and inspirational Democratic caucus but they'll only need a broom closet to hold their meetings. The rent would be cheaper admittedly but the results are not likely to give us cheer.  

        •  YoGo (none)
          I know. I get angry and shoot off some time, but it's a devil's bargain.

          A democrat who does not stand up to republicans, and so the republicans get their way.

          Or a republican who is going to vote for the garbage from the white house so it gets passed anyway.

          I want to support and vot for:
          A democrat who supports working class issues, health care, and who is not afraid to filibuster any crap the R's put out that is wrong.


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