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View Diary: I won't forget this Joe Biden (28 comments)

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  •  Biden sold out Anita Hill (none)
    and nothing happened.  There were no blogs then, barely an "internets", no real way for us to unite quickly and act.

    I do not want this weasel to get away with screwing us.  This time, it has to be different.  There have to be consequences of some kind for Biden.  

    •  Right on Rocketito! (none)
      Joe Biden and all these bums should not be forgotten.

      Biden-DE; Byrd-WV; Carper-DE; Conrad-ND; Johnson-SD; Kohl-WI; Landrieu-LA; Lieberman-CT; Lincoln-AR; Nelson-FL; Nelson-NE; Pryor-AR; Salazr-CO; Stabenow-MI


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