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View Diary: Westboro brings their hate to Nashville Monday. (11 comments)

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    Who you gonna call?    The KKK.  

    Are you ready for the kindler, gentler Ku Klux Klan? Before you finish sucking your teeth and/or wiping the laughing-induced tears from your face, allow me to explain (before you do any of the above again). You see the KKK is trying to do an image overhaul. They don't want you to think of them as the cross-burning, black people murdering, hate group they've proven themselves to be since inception. No, no, they've "evolved" now. Or something.

    An example of this "new" KKK was purportedly revealed over Memorial Day weekend. Members of the Westboro Baptist Church, best known as the "God Hates F*gs" sign holders, were doing their usual protests -- this time outside of Arlington Cemetery as President Obama led the nation's observances at the Tomb of the Unknowns.

    As the Fred Phelps followers carried on with their asinine antics, members of the Ku Klux Klan greeted them in a counter protest. The alleged KKK affiliated group said they were there to take a stance against the Kansas-based church's anti-troop tirade. Dennis LaBonte, who said he was an Imperial Wizard of his respective KKK group, told CNN, "It's the soldier that fought and died and gave them that right to free speech."

    Both pages of the article are pretty funny.   But don't worry, the core mission of the KKK is the same, and they share the same hatred of teh gay as does the Phelps cult.

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