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    There are way too many right-wingers who smoked tons of pot and drank like fishes with their fraternities/sororities. Now they are terrified of their kids being as reckless and uninhibited and they support zero-tolerance and stiff penalties for the very things they did in their youth.

    Also there are too many quick to believe any and all latest freakish fads they hear about on talk shows. Remember the colored bracelets or lipstick parties or whatnot? While some teens were involved in scary behaviors, it was if parents had no clue about their own kids and their activities.

    Thanks for being a reasonable parent, twigg. My husband and I were intent on recognizing the good grades of both our teens when they were in school. We talked about some of our own mistakes and bad decisions. Lo and behold, our kids let us into their lives, and both graduated school with honors. Our son just completed a great first year in college and our daughter graduated near the top of her class.

    We were incredibly fortunate to have children who were both pretty easy-going and did well in school. I know it can be very hard for parents when their child has learning disabilities or mental problems that cause behavior issues; that would present some real challenges. When you have a basically responsible kid who communicates with you, a long leash is much better than unbending restrictions.

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