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View Diary: An abortive "Bike to Work" Day ... with many bike to work days (110 comments)

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    I couldn't participate in Austin's Bike to Work Day, I was recovering from the worst cold ever & my lungs said that I really shouldn't do anything aerobic. And a couple of very busy weeks have passed - club meetings, triathlon training, the Danskin triathlon (don't be impressed, it took me twice as long to finish as it takes most people -- I was 2nd or 3rd to last), recovering from said tri.....

    Anyway, now I have the time, at least on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, to ride to work. It is only 4.5 miles & the ride to work, at least would be pleasant. The problem is the ride home. We've had 2 weeks of 100 & 100+ highs. Riding home at 5 sounds unpleasant to the point of dangerousness. Even with my camelback, I'd have to stop a couple of times. So, I'm thinking about riding to work, and thinking about going to the gym after work instead. But I am thinking about it.

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