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View Diary: I ride my bike (and run), chapter 2 (5 comments)

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  •  I swore that I'd swim 3x a week (0+ / 0-)

    During last week's Danskin triathlon, when the swim took 45 minutes & I damn near didn't make it. The whole tri took 4 hours, twice as long as it takes most people. And I've got another one in August.

    And there's a diary up today about biking to work. I'm thinking about it, but it is over 100 degrees at 6pm, so I'm just  thinking about it.

    I don't run. Maybe about 80 pounds from now, but no running just now. (did you hear about how Keith Olbermann broke his foot because he tried to run in those barefoot shoes? Well, I probably weigh as much as he does, and am a foot shorter. So even in regular sneakers, I can't run. Someday, though.)

    I had a cold & sinus infection 3 weeks ago. It was miserable. And inconvenient -- 2 weeks before a big race. Bad time for unhappy lungs. But I've got another chance in August -- btw, who the hell schedules an outdoor event in Texas in August???? But August then October.

    And I lost my mind & registered for the half-marathon in February. I had a miserable time walking it last Feb. & swore I wouldn't do it again. But the first thousand who registered for it got a deal, and I thought that knowing how awful it was would motivate me to lose a bunch of weight by February. Hope so.

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