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View Diary: Alternative Energy? Sorry - Nowhere Near Enough Available... (49 comments)

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  •  Awesome diary, thank you! (2+ / 0-)
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    litho, Calamity Jean

    Having seen my first off-the-grid solar home 40 years ago and knowing about the ongoing expansion of renewables in use, this diary was a hoot!

    When my familial situation is resolved, I will invest in solar and wind for my home. As a retiree, I can't get any return to speak of on my life savings, which were meant to supplement my Social Security. But I can get a fine yield on the same investment by cutting my utility bills. (Tiny solar is already working fine at my tiny cabin ;)

    My truest hope is that when younger people get to retirement this will be a common practice and not even worthy of discussion!!

    You got my day off to a good start, litho. Thanks!

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