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  •  Too much is pure pork, not where needed (1+ / 0-)
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    Calamity Jean

    Driving into NYC on a regular basis of late dealing with medical issues I'm astounded at how bad the roads and bridges are.  HUGE potholes and obvious issues with bridges and such.  The FDR is spalling concrete overhead with dangerous regularity.  The few places where work is 'underway' show little signs of actual workers - just parked equipment.

    I don't think the WestSide Hwy has been touched since the redo that occurred when I was working across the GW a few decades back.

    Driving down to Va a few weeks back we took the 'long way' down west through PA and tghen south from Harrisburg through Maryland.  I was blown away by all the new highway construction underway along our route - though the level of traffic on a busy Friday night was negligible (we were deliberately avoiding the 95 corridor insanity and the beltway craziness).

    I've noticed the same on vacations out west - HUGE projects underway in the - literal - middle of nowhere with multi-lane Interstates in superb condition - with NO traffic at all on them.  You can go for an hour on some of these roads and see less than a half dozen cars.

    Major urban areas - where LOTS and LOTS of people work and live desperaely NEED better mass transit and the extension of mass transit (ask all the schmucks who bought houses way west over the PA line who spend half their lives commuting into NYC - they wer told the trains were due in a few   The roads in these areas are WAY oversued and literally falling apart.

    Yet Federal money goes not where the people and jobs are but where the political 'pull' is..........

    The rest of the country may bitch about NYC and LA but these areas get back a small fraction of the tax money they pay into Federal (and even State) coffers.

    Our political system IS BROKEN and our politicians spend OUR money NOT where it's needed - or rationally spent - but where ti does THEM and their corporate buddies the most good.

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