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View Diary: Summers Sees The US As "Halfway To A Lost Economic Decade" (48 comments)

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    Empty Vessel

    ...however, the chief paragmatist isn't in the Congress.  He sits in the Oval Office.

    You ask:  Should Obama have fought for more spending and less in tax cuts?  And you reply:  Sure.

    I ask:  Did Obama WANT more spending and LESS tax cuts?  I reply:  No.  He didn't.  Which is why Summers won all the in-house battles.  He believed in the incremental approach, which empowered the Liebermans  and Collinses and Snowes and Baucuses.  President Obama wasn't fighting these particular Senators, he was WITH them.  They were in agreement on how to approach the solution...taking it in steps instead of addressing it boldly.

    Obama isn't a conservadem -- he's a pragmatist.  We didn't get this bill because Republicans obstructed en masse, or because conservadems in the Senate stymied a bolder plan proposed by the administration.  We got the stimulus bill we got because it WAS the bill the administration wanted...much to its chagrin now.

    •  My guess (1+ / 0-)
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      And it is a guess, is that Obama wanted more stimulus, public option, etc, but knew he didn't have the votes, so took what he could get--the pragmatist side that i can agree with.

      The mistake Obama has made, in my view, is to never admit that he only got half of what he wanted.  I think he and his advisors think that makes him look weak, and perhaps would alienate the moderate voters who like this moderate crap.  I think this approach is a mistake, but not the mistake of pragmatism per say.

      Could I be wrong, yes.  You certainly have the public statements on your side...and Christ those public statements suck.  But this is my guess as to what Obama's primary failing is.  The inability to take credit for victory, while noting that it was not a complete victory.

      "Empty vessels make the loudest sound, they have the least wit and are the greatest blabbers" Plato

      by Empty Vessel on Mon Jun 13, 2011 at 02:51:17 PM PDT

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