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View Diary: WA-Gov: Gregoire won't seek third term (91 comments)

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  •  Go Inslee! Go Inslee! McKenna is no moderate (0+ / 0-)

    Thanks for the heads-up, David.

    Do not be fooled by McKenna's mild manner.  I've got tons of articles on him that show him to be the anti-moderate.  We've got to get the word out that he drinks a lot of tea.

    We've got to really get behind Inslee.  And his replacement.  And all the other races coming up in our wonderful, beautiful, not-to-be-messed-with, evergreen state.

    The Seattle PI's typo today on their requote from the Republican Governors Association says it all:

    “Gregoire’s decision on the hells of Attorney General Rob McKenna’s announcement that he is running for governor is confirmation that the Attorney General will be tough to beat next year.”

    Emphasis mine.

    •  Sorry (1+ / 0-)
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      We can't help Washington state Democrats because we're too busy hoarding money to pay for the minimum 16% per annum increase in tuition Christine Gregoire has left as her legacy. It sure was good everyone worked so hard to make sure Rossi didn't wind up stealing the 2004 election from her, things might have gone to hell in this state. Oh, wait.

      By turning tuition increase authority over to the university boards, which with the exception of one student slot are dominated by bidness guys 'n gals, she's guaranteed that a college education will get harder and harder to get. Some estimates predict a 20% or more per year increase in tuition.

      Oh, and then there's K-12 being slashed as well. And by making sure that Tim Eyman's 1% cap initiative was re-enacted in a special session, local governments can't even provide basic services.

      And the social safety net has been shredded beyond all recognition. Don't make the mistake of being poor and sick in this state! But remember, the majority party had no choice due to the bad economy, and simply HAD to slash and burn because they had to slash and burn. Taking on the bidness guys 'n gals wasn't an option, for people with no guts that is.

      Other than that, Washington state Democrats are just AWESOME, and because they have their staff create Daily Kos accounts for them at election time, I will vote for them because they are fellow Kossacks. Lord knows if you vote for Republicans they might gut education and social services.

      But if any actual progressives try to run, they'll make sure to give them Heck instead. So whatever. Enjoy jumping your ten thousandth shark, Democrats, that's quite a feat.

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