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View Diary: Start saying everything is related to climate change. Just start it. (290 comments)

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    please do. the entire thing boils down to a misunderstanding, arising from a failure to grasp nuance. What climate scientists, and with them A Siegel, say, is that climate change nowadays is one of the factors influencing just about every weather event - it could not be otherwise - and therefore, discussing weather events of today is incomplete without taking the effect of it into account. Thats what is missing in the trivial statement that one specific weather event can not be attributed to climate change as "the" cause. It´s a category error.

    compare it to rising sea level worldwide, and the level of any specific storm tide. That specific level could never be credited in its specific number to the general global rise, as it is always dependent on some local circumstance. But nonetheless, all levels - high or low - will rise as global sea level rises.

    In this comparison you´ll maybe better see A. Siegel´s point: that failure to mention that global rise, factually equals disinformation - by leaving out one of the most important factors to take into account in, say, coastal defense planning.

    Quite so is it with the weather. All weather, benign or malign, now happens under human imposed constraints of global warming and we need (desperately, in our own interest) to understand exactly how that human imposed effect is working through the individual weather events - and we don´t need sand thrown in our eyes by denying a solocausal view of such events that noone is seriously proposing.

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