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  •  Rejecting the bandwagon (1+ / 0-)
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    Until now, I had neither joined nor rejected my fellow Democrats’ Weiner-must-go bandwagon.  I simply needed time to listen to the arguments and think about it all.

    Good diary, and I get your point on  moral bankruptcy.  But I think it would have been interesting to also read about how your thought process went along as this scandal played out.  

    You stayed away from the bandwagon, but have now rejected it.  Was it difficult to reject that band wagon as the depth of Weiner's lies and the extent of his attempted cover-up became apparent to you?

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      But I understand the desperation behind the lie.
      The public embarrassment must be terrible, and further fog one's better judgment.
      We all lie, even over the most trivial of matters.
      That a person would lie to save their career, marriage, honor, etc. is not surprising, and in that light, it's hard to expect otherwise.

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