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View Diary: Baucus: There are Medicare cuts in debt limit negotiations (155 comments)

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  •  Idiots like a fox? (2+ / 0-)
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    S M Tenneshaw, Subterranean

    When powerful Big-Boy Pants(tm) Dems tank on issue after issue, across the spectrum, proving to be little more than apologists for a failed and reviled Reagan Revolution, at some point maybe we have to wonder if they're even trying to win in gross electoral terms.

    Maybe we need to admit that Democratic 'realpolitick' includes losing the vote.

    Dem 'realpolitick' goals: being stooges, handmaidens of corporate America, seat warmers for the Republican Party, and well rewarded for it.

    At some point, we have to admit that all the selling out, all the apologetics for the fascist project doesn't happen by mistake.

    Anyways, GOTV 2012!  

    Keep those calls and donations coming in!

    Please don't feed the security state.

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