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View Diary: Baucus: There are Medicare cuts in debt limit negotiations (155 comments)

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  •  They will be just fine (10+ / 0-)

    either way.  If they win, they'll stay in power.  If they lose, they'll use the revolving door and get rich.

    And DailyKos will say "this is a site for electing Democrats! Don't primary them!  Don't criticize them! Don't dare mention a third party! Don't say you won't vote for them or you will be warned and banned!"

    The site will endorse Obama and others among the sellingoutest of the sellout Dems and pound anyone into the ground who dissents.  

    And they'll screw us again.

    And then the apologists will blame anyone here who criticized our sellout Dems when they lose the election.  No, it won't be because they sold out the people, it will be because someone noticed it while it was happening and said something about it.

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