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View Diary: Obama's Thinking on Anthony Weiner Reveals a Disturbing Double Standard (134 comments)

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  •  Non-reciprocal lewd talk #2 (3+ / 0-)
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    Adept2u, LaurenMonica, foufou

    First there was the college student, who didn't reciprocate with the lewd talk and who did not request the erection photo.

    Now the former porn star says she didn't reciprocate either:

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - A porn star said on Wednesday she had an e-mail relationship with embattled Representative Anthony Weiner and that he urged her to lie about their exchanges in the hope that a scandal surrounding him would die down.

    Ginger Lee, flanked by her celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, told a news conference in New York, that Weiner "asked me to lie" about their interchanges which included about 100 emails as well as messages over Twitter.

    Lee, a stripper, said her relationship began with the Democratic lawmaker from New York over political issues such as a woman's right to choose abortion, and health care, but that Weiner kept trying to turn the conversation sexual.

    She said she never reciprocated his lewd messages, which were often about "his package."

    The whole Weiner-must-not-resign-until-Vitter-does rhetoric has rested on the premise that all of these sex chats were consensual. At least all the parties in Vitter's trysts knew what they were in for.

    Weiner's followers didn't know that following him on Twitter meant they would eventually be subjected to sex chat or an erection pic. Turns out for at least two of these women, and probably more, they did not encourage or reciprocate sex chats or nude pics.

    •  LOL (0+ / 0-)

      OMG, save it. It's OK what Vitter did because "his tryst partners knew what they were in for".

      Nevermind that the President did something else he swore off otherwise during the campaign...

      When we get past the politics of division and distraction and we start actually focusing on what we have in common, there's nothing we can't accomplish…

      Those are hollow words now.


      REPEAL the Telecomm Act & REVIEW this decision. NO journalist should be fired because their boss can't have the truth told.

      by lunachickie on Wed Jun 15, 2011 at 11:57:19 AM PDT

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      •  I love the misdirection (3+ / 0-)
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        LaurenMonica, foufou, philimus

        My comment was about Weiner's actions toward two women. Address that. Don't drag President Obama into it.

        Deal with Weiner.

        Vitter and his prostitutes knew the terms of their transaction.

        The Seattle college student and the porn star simply followed Weiner on Twitter and in exchange, both got unsolicited sex chats from a sitting congressman and one got an erection pic sent to her as a "joke."

        “I have not sent him any suggestive messages,” Ms. Cordova said.

        She said she was, however, surprised by his informal tone. “He was just very casual,” she said. “It wasn’t like talking to a U.S. congressman.”

        A spokeswoman for Mr. Weiner did not dispute Ms. Cordova’s account.

        Mr. Weiner, at his news conference on Monday, said he had sent Ms. Cordova the underwear photo “as part of a joke.” But Ms. Cordova said the image was not in keeping with the tenor of their previous interactions.

        “I still didn’t get the joke part of it,” she said.

        It's fascinating that Weiner's defenders want to condemn everybody from the President to Debbie Wasserman Schultz to the spineless Democrats to Vitter -- everyone -- except the beginning and the end of this mess, namely Anthony Weiner.

        •  It's even more fascinating (0+ / 0-)

          to watch this bullshit be dragged out by Other Democrats.

          Particularly ones who swore they were above The Politics of Distraction. And that includes the President. Don't try and deny it, because it's the fucking truth.

          I don't care how much you know about the intimate details of what David Vitter did--or how you know--this is all about the Politics of Distraction, and you are falling for it.

          And so is our President. Apparently.

          REPEAL the Telecomm Act & REVIEW this decision. NO journalist should be fired because their boss can't have the truth told.

          by lunachickie on Wed Jun 15, 2011 at 12:18:44 PM PDT

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          •  You (0+ / 0-)

            continue to spam this thread with this crap.

            The man is the President,and he was asked a direct question,and he answered it. Get over it.

          •  In your entire comment (1+ / 0-)
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            You never address Weiner's irresponsible actions once. You want to talk about politics of distraction. You want to talk about me and how intimately you think I am aware of Vitter's extracurricular activities. You want to talk about how other Democrats are to blame. You want to talk about how the President is culpable.

            But when it comes to Weiner, the man who accused others of a federal crime -- hacking a congressman's computer -- then later revealed it was a lie, the man who for 10 days let his supporters believe that he was the victim of a right wing hit squad, the 45-year-old man who was chatting up a minor who had declared to the world that she had a crush on him, the man who knowing he was facing imminent redistricting and probable stripping of his committees, who knew he would never get anyone to co-author a bill with him and still refused to resign, and still refused to take his mess off the front pages, you have nothing to say about such a man.

            •  that's because (0+ / 0-)

              A) the diary isn't about Weiner, it's about Obama's thinking

              B) I don't give a goddamn what any of these people do with their sexual organs.

              My question--which remains insufficiently answered--is

              Why did the President engage in the politics of distraction, something he vowed he would not pander to?

              You can't explain that away, so you lash out and try to make this about me.


              REPEAL the Telecomm Act & REVIEW this decision. NO journalist should be fired because their boss can't have the truth told.

              by lunachickie on Wed Jun 15, 2011 at 01:57:05 PM PDT

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