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View Diary: Charter Schools and the CREDO Report (218 comments)

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    In my mind the elephant in the room are the criteria we use to evaluate our schools.  You call that out...

    The report bases all of its information on standardized test scores. Most of us here at DailyKos have a serious problem with student performance being judged solely by tests. That should make us think twice about some of the findings in this report as well.

    Scores on standardized tests are so easily and readily "gamed" by the curriculum and collusion of the school staff to bump up their scores.  I think until we go to more robust holistic evaluation of schools and other learning environments we are not going to be able to make good judgments on the quality of a given school.

    What I hope happens, especially here at DailyKos, is that we stop demonizing Charter Schools and start seeing them as part of a broad system of education alternatives.

    I agree here completely!

    If we hope to once again have a vibrant education system in the United States, we need to pull out all the stops and use everything at our disposal, including successful charter schools.

    Though charters are very limited still, based on the evaluation model, in what they can do, I still think they are the only "growing edge" out their for our school system's evolution from being solidly locked in the 19th Century and moving to the 21st.

    What other effort to change the face of public education in our country, besides charters, involves communities to any significant degree?  I am not aware of any.  

    All other current education reform efforts involve foundations, commissions and state and federal bureaucrats, along with powerful competing special interests of text book, testing, and special ed program business interests.  They tinker incrementally with the system from on high, while we parents, kids and teachers watch and hope that someday, something will actually change for the better.

    My mom taught me to be an activist - don't complain... do something about it.  Without the opportunity to launch charters, we the people can basically only complain and hope that our elected reps and their gathered experts will solve our problems for us.  As we continue to sit quietly at our desks waiting for the answer.

    Cooper Zale Los Angeles

    by leftyparent on Tue Jun 21, 2011 at 08:00:11 AM PDT

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