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View Diary: Sources: Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign from Congress (364 comments)

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  •  No the lying is important (8+ / 0-)

    if he said yeah it's me, I sent pictures and tweeted with adults. I would have absolutely no problem.

    Then the fact he resigned just goes to show he didn't have what it takes. If you're gonna resign do it fast if you're gonna stick it out stick it out. Don't sit there for a few weeks and screw around leaving your allies and friends out in the wind.

    I don't care what people do in their bedrooms with adults but when someone lies to your face and they lie to their friends faces it shows a lack of character I'd rather not have in an elected official.

    •  Anthony Weiner did not ... (3+ / 0-)
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      Johnny Q, caul, Egghead

      1) He did not say that Saddam Hussein was making wmd that were a serious threat to the United States.
      2) He did not say that the Affordable Care Act will create 'death panels.'
      3) He did not say that Obama hates America.
      4) He did not say that the Hate Crimes Act of 2009 criminalizes homophobic speech.
      5) He did not say that gay marriage will destroy str8 marriage.
      6) He did not say that Katharine Harris prevented Democrats from stealing the 2000 election.

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