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View Diary: Open thread for night owls: Does your boss want to create jobs...overseas? (120 comments)

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  •  you operate from an assumption that is no longer (0+ / 0-)

    true . . .

    This is no longer the 1970's, when American corporations made their money in America and Japanese corporations made their money in Japan.

    Today, there ARE no nation-based corporations anymore, anywhere.  They all own big chunks of each other, they all have common interests, they all operate everywhere. They have become multinational--they have no borders, they belong to no country, they have no national interests.

    GM is no more an "American" company than BP or Mitsubishi is.

    We live in a global economy.  The very idea of "national economy" is an outmoded outdated relic of the 20th century.

    We will never go back to it, any more than we will go back to an agrarian pastoral economy or a hunter/gatherer society.

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